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Continuous Proofer and Oven


Mountdale is a specialist in managing industrial bakery projects.

Like all industries, the food industry faces constant evolutions, each time affecting your equipment.


For all your projects, Mountdale has one goal.

Get it right the first time.

Let's do the Journey together

One step at a time, we will complete your project on time and within budget.

Planning phase

Scope: A strong project starts with a strong foundation. Defining a clear scope will benefit the entire project.

Layout: With a clear scope in mind will begin the quest for a technical solution that will result in a layout.

Tender: No project without a budget. Producing a set of tender documents and submitting Request for Quotations will provide a budget.

Execution phase

Project Managment with the vendors: Let's select the most appropriate vendors and work out the detailed engineering along the entire manufacturing process

Installation: With a detailed Schedule, the installation time will be optimized.

Start-Up and Commissioning: Let's bake!

Your process is efficient when all the flows are right

We manage bakery projects with our own methodology where we will conside the flows. An ingredient entering an equipment is a flow. An operator replacing a tool is another flow.

We will list them all and for each of them ask the questions:

Who? Where? What? When? Why? How?

This way of working has several advantages. The main one is the global picture obtained. Secondly, when this method is applied at a early stage, it will help to determine the exact needs of your particular project.

 It will benefit the working conditions as well as food safety (no cross-contaminations), not to mention the maintenance and sanitation department.

Our flow-analysis is an integral part of all our project management phases.


Sometimes overlooked, the building is important for a good process. 

BRC (British Retail Consortium) and IFS (International Food Standards) inspectors do take into consideration several aspects of the building when carrying out their audits.
Mountdale will study each industrial project with a global approach where the building is an integral part of the process.

Temperature variations, exposure to direct sunlight, ventilation vents, routing of the utility piping, many factors can be optimized to improve the conditions for the workers and also the efficiency of the equipment.

One added benefit is a higher food safety.

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